No Idea Tavern is Dead, Long Live No Idea Tavern

No Idea Tavern is Dead, Long Live No Idea Tavern


Do you have No Idea what’s going on? Well let me catch you up some. No Idea’s owner Jason Zink has sold No Idea to one of the same people he sold Don’t Know to back in 2011 in one Ryan Cooper. This frees Zink to focus on his Canton endeavor, Smaltimore. Now, the sale flew under the radar for most people and came as quite a surprise. That didn’t stop them from throwing a F-U-N-eral at No Idea…

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RIP: Langermann’s on Light is Closed

RIP: Langermann’s on Light is Closed

langermann's on light
Another one bites the dust

Langermann’s on LightStreet closed its doors this past Friday. This comes as no surprise to most people. If you were a frequenter of the restaurant, it was not a challenge to stroll in at 7PM on a Friday night and find yourself with prime pickings for any table in the restaurant. I’m actually a little disappointed to hear the news, because the scallops, among other menu…

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