Will Crossbar der Biergarten be open by October?

cross street

Crossbar der Biergarten, or Crossbar for short, is the latest “super-bar” planned for Federal Hill. Brian McComas, Ryleigh’s owner, continues to push for this newest concept. The plan is to merge 12 & 14 East Cross Street and knock down the walls of 14 & 16 East Cross Street to create an open-air beer garden, thus uniting four currently vacant units.

But the hurdles continue for Crossbar. They…

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An Underdog’s Up-Fed-Hill Battle?

An Underdog’s Up-Fed-Hill Battle?

Unleashed Photo

If you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse of Federal Hill life, you may have heard that Petco’s smaller brand label, Unleashed, is moving in to the spot that Quizno’s used to occupy. The concept is a good one, in theory: bring in the knowledge and know-how of the larger brand and put it in a smaller package. But personally, I won’t be shopping there because much like how video killed the…

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